Uniquely Built to Build Trust

LearningChain is equipped with power packed features adding true value to certificates.

LearningChain features are developed with flavours of Blockchain Technology to generate Immutable Digital Certificates for Educational Institutions, making it a Robust Product.

Single & Bulk Upload of Certificates

Every institution have their own structure of functionality, In the process of generating Blockchain powered QR codes for each certificate user has to upload the certificates in PDF format, it may be a single certificate or multiple certificates, making it more user friendly system have both options to upload the certificates either in single certificate or in bulk.

Tamper-Proof QR Code Generator

In Blockchain powered QR Code generation process, the system puts a unique hash value into the QR code, when the user scans the QR code to access the information or data, the system first cross-checks the hash value in the QR code. It compares the hash value of the QR code to the hash value of the BlockChain. If it matches, only then the user can access it. It makes the entire system incorruptible, immutable. The fact is once there is a hash value in the QR codes, nobody can even touch it.

Instant Verification by QR Code

LearningChain QR codes shared with future employers, higher education authorities, government agencies etc. by students can easily be scanned using QR code scanner apps or with inbuilt scanner mobiles, verifiers can instantly see the contents of the certificate stamped on Blockchain, important details like certificate issue date, time, issuer details, hash value, transaction id, student details etc. can be verified and validated.

Certificate Verification Summary

Many verification agencies carrying out verification process will be routed thru a process to know the authenticity of the certificate, educational institutions can also define their verification charges to collect from each verifier to get it credited directly to their bank account.

Certificate Manager

LearningChain provides a dashboard screen with the summary report, top management will be able to know the exact number of certificates pushed to BlockChain network under free and paid category, all time and current year generations. Total number of verifications under paid and free category can also be tracked on the same dashboard with all time and current year numbers.

Easily Sharable on Social Media

Achieving certification is not the whole concept of education for students, it has to be rightly communicated, shared with the companies and recruiting agencies. Using LearningChain mobile app students can easily share their credentials, achievements, and skill based certificates received from their Blockchain enabled institution on social media sites.

Digital wallet for Students

Exclusive mobile app for the students to carry their digital certificates for lifelong, for interviews, for verifications they can easily share it with verifiers to get it scanned and validate their authenticity. Timely updates and adding all their achievements is easy for students. These apps follow privacy rules and have multiple layer security for students’ data. Students will be able to share digital credentials on social media using these mobile apps.

Many more features stamping LearningChain favorite among Educational Institutions.