Optimize Traditional Process

Digital Certificates Issuance and Verification through LearningChain

Empowers Instituions from Traditional time consuming process to Instant tamper-proof Digital Certificate Generation, Single Click verification.

Educational Institutions plays a foundational role in building nation, imparting knowledge, skills and values through education are the major characteristics of all institutions. Students’ educational portfolio does not directly contain the knowledge they acquire but certificates are the documents with information like institute information, course completed, academic performance, stamped and signed raise the value of students.

Without underestimating the value of certificates institutions have to pay sufficient attention while issuing certificates to students, if we talk about paper certificates they can be easily forged and have their own limitations, whereas digital certificates are even easy to forge by anyone with basic Photoshop knowledge.

This is where LearningChain platform has evolved using Blockchain Technology to overcome fake certification issues, help students to get deserving jobs by eliminating fake students, help companies to verify original certificates.

Key Benefits for Educational Institutions

helps in brand building

Students sharing Blockchain certificates on social media indirectly makes brand more visible.

impossible to fake brand

Your institution brand becomes untouchable for fakers as BlockChain powered certificates are highly secured and cannot be hacked.

streamline verification process

LearningChain platform allows instant verification of certificates eradicating manual verification process which takes weeks of time and save staff time.

boost your students chances of employment

Your students are click away from asserting the authenticity of their success, helps them build more credible profile.

no fear of data loss

LearningChain is built on robust BlockChain technology where the data is divided into blocks and stored in network of computers. There will be no fear of central server failure.

galvanize your alumni network

Alumni will connect with you back if the concept of BlockChain powered digital credentials is posted on alumni portal, rest you need to bank upon.

saving resourcess

Staff time and money can be saved by automating the issue and verification process, monthly workload of concerned staff can be reduced to 90% using LearningChain platform.

stay ahead with advanced technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology used in all sectors to secure and verify credentials all over world, using this will definitely add reputation for your institution.