LearningChain is a groundbreaking platform that redefines credentialing and security for lifelong learners.

Users around the world enjoy LearningChain  : an intuitive platform that provides credentialing automation with unparalleled blockchain certificates.


Institutions conferring credentials, micro-credentials and badges benefit from LearningChain’s:

  • Smooth, seamless integrations with a myriad of third-party LMS, assessment and credentialing platforms,
  • Document process automation that makes streamlined administration a snap,
  • Cost savings associated with reduced administration costs of future credential validation,
  • Confidence all processes and credentials are secure, fool-proof and tamper-proof.


Learners own their credentials in a blockchain learner portfolio – for life!

  • Simple, intuitive mobile app captures QR-codes for each credential and it is added to your blockchain portfolio,
  • Cryptocurrency-caliber security on Ethereum or private blockchain,
  • Unequaled privacy & control – no one can access or view your portfolio except the issuer, you and whomever you grant access.


Verifiers have confidence in the credentials they are granted permission to review:

  • Validations are as simple as a click on any credential to see the issuer, credential, learner and date issued.
  • Verifications are completed in a matter of a few seconds!
  • Confidence that no credential are fraudulent – no counterfeit or forged credentials, none modified, only credible blocks!
The LearningTree solution revolutionizes how credentials are conferred, validated and held by learners for their entire careers.L
Wendy Oliver EdD
Chief Academic Officer | Edison Learning

LearningChain extends a line of authenticated documentation throughout learner’s careers.

The LearningTree LearningChain solution is:
  • Decentralized – The platform is extended into a public or private blockchain (you choose!), free from any central point of failure.
  • Watertight privacy – No one can view credentials but for the issuer, learner and whomever the learner designates.
  • Economical – Pricing is affordable and future back-end credential administration costs are reduced.
  • Tamper-proof – Credentials cannot be modified… only removed or replaced by the issuer.
  • Easily integrated with many third-party platforms via APIs and single-sign on.

Here’s a simple use case…