New paradigm to radically improve outcome, enabled by scientific approach and student analytics.

Enables student success by Ownership, visible learning, personalized paths, formative feedback, best of breed content

Trusted by 2M students, 9 countries


  • Supports multi-disciplinary collabo -ration between students & teachers
  • Provides content recommendations based on performance with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Interactive dashboard to help the student organize resources & assig -nments which enables Learning Progression in a timely manner
  • Thousands of learning resources and multimedia content for self-paced learning and tutoring also enabling Adaptive Learning Pathways


  • Thousands of instructional content including teaching videos and multi -media that are aligned with CBSE, SSC, ICSE & IB curriculum
  • Student performance dashboards that demonstrate student mastery in specific topics and sub-topics
  • Classroom analysis through diagnostic information based on academic topics and sub-topics enabling differentiated Instruction
  • Formative, Summative, Confirmative & varieties of assessments with different level of complexity


  • School report card based on assess -ment and accountability for online reporting
  • Content and resources aligned to CBSE, SSC, ICSE & IB curriculum
  • Drill-able, clickable and dynamic reports on student’s, teacher’s and school’s holistic performance
  • Learning and performance analysis based on various academic demo -graphics that demonstrate student’s mastery, teacher’s mastery and branch (location) performance


  • Early warning indicators and updating student progress & merits based on their performance and subject proficiency
  • Detailed analysis and reports to monitor student progress
  • Effective and timely means of communication with teachers and administrators
  • Easy to track student’s overall acade -mic performance through detailed data with a holistic view