Next Generation education technology cloud platform with Adaptive Learning

While LearningTree was to provide Scientific Improvement to Learning, LearningChain enables institutions to issue tamper-proof certificates that celebrates the Learning.

LearningChain is a revolutionary product from leading Edtech Company Sapphirus Systems established in 2016 and headquartered in Hyderabad Telangana.

Founded with a mission to set global standards for educational institutions by offering a robust platform to issue tamper-proof digital Certificates which are globally verifiable and completely secured using Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificates Issuance and verification through LearningChain

The education system which builds the nation is facing major challenges in terms of fake certificates which are on the rise all over the world, centralized data storage which tends to fail and is an easy target for hackers, and also tedious certificate verification processes causing long time delays and wasting resources.

To solve these problems LearningChain has emerged as a savior, built on emerging Blockchain technology a decentralized data storage and retrieval process that is spreading worldwide rapidly.

Using Blockchain Technology LearningChain platform is capable of issuing immutable digital certificates which are trusted, secure, and easily verifiable anywhere.
Having a visionary leadership team that is innovative, dedicated, ethical, and service-oriented at the helm, SSPL will be part of building a clean and transparent education system in the future.