Digital Content for Smarter Generation

Rich Interactive Content as per Course Syllabus

Course Designer for Custom Content

Design Your own content through course designer (Content, Assignment, Discussions, Assessment)

Virtual Class Room

Online Classes through Zoom/Teams/Google Meet

Personalized Learning

Configure the personalized learning through benchmark of skills

Visible Learning

Clear visibility on student learning and progress

Student Analytics

360 Degree Student Performance Analysis and Progress Report

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LearningTree seamlessly combines adaptive learning with immersive learning technology to deliver a better engagement experience to students.

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Question Bank

Preload questions for your immediate use. Define, Manage and Organize your own question bank with well defined meta data.

Exam Schedule

Schedule your exams as per calendar and manage your pre-exam process and logistics

Test Center

Generate tests as pertest patterns, test templates for formative and diagnostic in few clicks. Shuffle Questions and Answers. Subjective and Objective Exams​

Remote Proctoring

Proctor students and controlled real time monitoring integrated with webcams and record geo-location/ip​

Scoring and Evaluation

Score the student answers in a confidential and secured mode. Retain the student performance and summary for your institute records

Results and Revaluation

Declare students results and publish to student progress report

Are you Preparing for JEE or NEET of any Competetive Exams?

Visit our TestPrepration site for success in your exams.

Our tests are prepared by experienced mentors in respective disciplines, and we provide a detailed analytics which enables you to understand your strengths and areas to improve. Exams are conducted in simulations of NTA.

Step by step preparation through our subject wise, chapter wise tests, and many more